2016 Seminars (2017 Seminars TBA)

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.15.37 PMBLUES BASH (San Diego Session) w/ Wayne Riker & special guest Robben Ford

Get ready for a full tilt week of learning and applying a whole new vocabulary of blues licks, rhythms and improvisational shortcuts to elevate your playing to a higher ground. Wayne Riker is a clinician veteran and instructional book author who provides invaluable handouts that cut to the chase and will stockpile new fretboard ideas for you to apply immediately in your blues band settings and beyond, covering major and minor pentatonic usage, turnarounds, minor blues, jazz blues, eight bar blues, arpeggios and Delta, Chicago and Texas blues styles. Don't miss this opportunity to join the fun while bonding with other blues guitarists in a sparkling setting amid the rolling hills of San Diego County. Riker will be joined by renowned guitarist Robben Ford!

brentmasonprsNashville and Beyond: The “Twang Thang” (Nashville Session) w/ special guest Brent Mason

Have you ever noticed the smiles on all the players’ faces when they play together and trade off solos? Well saddle up to a course that will bring that smile to your face! Country music is known to also have banjo and pedal steel. Guitarists have learned to emulate those instruments which brings more complexity and excitement to the guitar. In this course you will get the essential tools to understand, develop and deliver everything from jaw dropping riffs and melodic phrases, to simple moving chord accompaniment. Techniques covered will be chords, finger style, hybrid picking, flat picking, banjo type rolls, pedal steel emulation, open string scales, thirds, sixths and "chicken picking" or "plucking”(no chickens will be harmed). Attendees taking this course will also enjoy working hands on with country guitar great, Brent Mason!

_MCW8352Hi RezTHE ADVANCING GUITARIST (Toronto – Session 1) w/ Adam Smale & special guest Oz Noy

In order to stand out amongst the average player, the modern guitarist today needs to know how to step up their game. If you are that someone who wants to get ahead of the pack and be on the cutting edge, this course is for you. Creative ways to implement scales, arpeggios, and chord voice-leading to improve your improvising, and even your song writing, will be covered to bring your A-game to any style of music or music project. Join New York guitarist, Adam Smale, with special guest artist and modern guitar maestro, Oz Noy, to learn what the top players today utilize.

vw_pub2_photo by steve parkerGroove Masters (Toronto – Session 2) w/ special guest Victor Wooten

This course will give you the tools to tackle all musical styles including Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz and much more using a broad range of technical skills on the bass including soloing, slap, walking, writing wicked bass lines, fretless technique, two hand tapping, and playing killer grooves. Topics will include maximizing your groove, interacting with the soloist (making them sound good), writing your own bass lines, total fretboard knowledge, learning all modes of the major and minor scales, soloing on any scale, riff development, pentatonics, symmetrical scales (diminished and whole tone), and much more. All topics will be applied to multiple musical styles, and is not limited to any one style, taste, or interest. This course will be designed for beginner to advanced students alike and will take your bass playing to the next level. Students in this course will enjoy having their mind blown by a very special guest visit from international bass legend, Victor Wooten!

byJarekPepkowski4HIGHAcoustic Spirit (Vancouver Session) w/ special week-long resident guest Peppino D’Agostino

To Peppino, the guitar is like a mini orchestra of sounds, the perfect instrument for him to write his melodies, his musical ideas and especially express his emotions. In this special course designed for all levels of players, the world renowned acoustic master will show you the elements that define him as a musician. Peppino will cover everything imaginable in this course including body position, breathing/relaxation techniques, fingerstyle techniques for right and left hand, choosing the most suitable fingering, study of various guitar styles, performing tips, study of a composition in standard tuning, arranging and composing for steel string guitar, rhythms, the mysteries of open tunings, chords and scales in open tunings, study of a composition in open tuning, percussive techniques in conjunction with melodies, bass lines and chords, dynamics and musical expression, classical guitar for steel string, arranging in standard and open tuning, and music business. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to study for an entire week with one of the finest acoustic players around to gain confidence in your own playing and refine your skills as a player and a composer.

Gary3Stand Alone Rock Guitarist (San Diego Session) w/ Jon Finn & special guest Gary Hoey

This seminar will give you the tools to create your own style. Influences are important in a player but learning to cut your own path will give you longevity and get you noticed amongst your peers and listeners. Learning TABS off the internet is a great way to learn your favourite tunes and increase your technique and knowledge of playing guitar but do you stand out in a crowd or are you a carbon copy player of your favourite bands? Topics include creating your own guitar lines and phrases by thinking outside of the box and breaking stale practice routines of scales and chords, being able to move freely around the guitar when chording and creating riffs, user friendly theory that can be applied right away, fretboard visualization, and target notes. Techniques such as legato, tapping, economy, alternate, and sweep picking will also be covered. There will be lots of in class jamming and plenty of examples that you can take home and practice. The great Gary Hoey will visit and work with this class!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.18.34 PMDeep Blues (Nashville Session) w/ Dennis McCumber & special guest Matt Schofield

Are you looking to up your blues game? Whether you are looking to develop a deeper understanding of the traditional blues grooves or to create your own, this will be the course for you. We’ll not only be looking at different progressions of the 8, 12 and 16 bar blues, but we’ll also be deepening our chord vocabulary. We’ll shuffle, swing and even funk out. If you are looking to take a step out of that standard blues box, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll look at how to expand our knowledge of the pentatonic scale and it’s different positions as well as explore the use of modes and arpeggios to outline the changes. This will be a week filled with knowledge that will take you a year to digest. Blues great Matt Schofield will be a guest in this course!

0Y2A9554Pickin' and Grinnin' : the Art of Country Guitar (Toronto - Session 1) w/ Mike Bowell & special guest Albert Lee

An intensive course designed to cover all aspects of country guitar. Students will be exposed to everything from traditional Western Swing and Bluegrass Flatpicking to barn-burning Telecaster in the style of Albert Lee, Brent Mason and Guthrie Trapp. Topics include hybrid chicken pickin', double stops, pedal steel bends, Travis picking and much more. This course has everything for the guitarist interested in this incredible style. Attendees taking this course will enjoy a visit from legendary guitarist, Albert Lee!

BATTEN-johnstonNick Johnston’s Dynamic Guitar Universe (Toronto - Session 2) w/ Nick Johnston & special guest Jennifer Batten

Canadian guitar virtuoso and special week-long resident guest instructor Nick Johnston will be covering a variety of topics in this exciting course including improvisation, phrasing and timing, applied theory, song writing, and techniques that he likes to employ such as hybrid picking, sweep picking, legato, tapping, arpeggios, and much more. Nick will also discuss how to be an independent musician including building a career, getting endorsements, building a fan base, and more. Attendees taking this course will also enjoy a visit from the incomparable Jennifer Batten!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 3.19.51 PMGuitarist’s MMA - Mixed Metal Arts (Vancouver Session) w/ Brian Poulsen & special guest Devin Townsend

Today’s metal guitarist is musically more diverse than ever before, drawing upon influences and sources of inspiration that can encompass almost all genres of music. It can defy classification while still remaining loyal to the most primal soul of metal at its core. This seminar will cover all new elements and defining aspects of the ever evolving metal guitarist. Essential metal technique fundamentals such as alternate picking drills, legato development, sweep picking and economy picking, hybrid picking, two hand techniques are all covered to ensure technical challenges of playing are understood and available. These approaches are combined with theoretical concepts through the exploration of diatonic and non-diatonic harmony to serialism and 12 tone rows. Learn how to use symmetrical and synthetic scales, how to effectively use dissonance, drop tunings and open tunings, odd note grouping syncopation, odd time signatures and using musical mathematic approaches. By completion of this class, you have all the tools needed to create or improve your own metal masterpieces!