Covid Policy Update – May 2022 (subject to change)

As of now, there are no mask mandates at any of our venues. However, please note that if the case counts rise, state of the pandemic changes, or any local health departments, governments or venues require it, we will need to follow the guidelines and requirements.

The Guest Artists, Faculty, and Guitar Workshop Plus respectfully ask all participants to be fully vaccinated or tested for COVID before attending.

Dec 7, 2021

The Wait is over……

Dear GWP Family, Students, and Fellow Musicians,

It goes without saying that the past twenty months or so have been incredibly difficult for everyone on a personal level. It has also been (and continues to be) very hard on businesses such as ours due to the pandemic, safety issues, restrictions from health departments, government, venues, meal service providers, travel, etc. Having said that, we are happy to say that we can finally announce some session dates for 2022!

All the dates are in line with the regular time frames that our sessions usually run. Obviously, while adhering to any of the above, we will be moving forward in a safe and responsible manner and will be following strict protocols and guidelines so that everyone can be safe and have piece of mind. Details will all be clearly explained on our website and registration pages.

There are so many of our loyal registered attendees, as well as countless other people interested in attending, who have let us know how much they appreciate how responsibly we have handled the pandemic situation. We received a lot of praise for how we protected everyone both from a health and safety perspective as well as a financial perspective. We thank all of you for your understanding, support, and kind words!

The other thing that everyone has expressed to us is how eager they are to get back to experiencing all that Guitar Workshop Plus has to offer including the high quality instruction, amazing faculty, world class guest artists, ensemble and other performance opportunities, and so much more. Well, believe us folks, GWP is even more eager to get back to providing the ultimate music education experience you have come to expect from us! We’re counting on you to be there and to help get the word out to others so that all the 2022 sessions can be successful!

We look forward to seeing you all at GWP and sharing an incredible music experience!

Best regards,

Guitar Workshop Plus

COVID POLICY Effective November 2021 (Subject to change)

Dear GWP Attendees,

Various regions, venues, and events have come out with their own COVID-19 policies. Until further notice, and in light of the fact that our program takes place in an intimate setting, all upcoming GWP sessions will need to follow our COVID-19 policy. Details of this policy are explained below.

Guitar Workshop Plus will be following all safety measures and protocols set by health and government officials, venues, and additional regulations set by GWP. All safety protocols will be strictly enforced. This may include social distancing in group settings, masks, as well as regular use of hand sanitizer and handwashing and/or other measures. GWP will be updating our protocols to keep everyone safe on every level. Some locations and venues may have a proof of vaccination and/or negative test result policy to be allowed entry. Guitar Workshop Plus respectfully asks all participants to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before attending the session(s).

COVID-19 Policy – November 2021 (subject to change)

Due to the rising number of cases and hospitalizations primarily among the unvaccinated population, and the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to implement the following COVID-19 policy at all upcoming sessions until further notice:

  • As a condition to participating in the session, subject to any otherwise applicable law or legal mandate, all participants, including faculty, staff, and attendees, will be required to show proof (your COVID-19 vaccination card/receipt, QR code, etc) of full vaccination against COVID-19 (from a WHO/FDA/HC approved vaccine) prior to the start of the session.
  • Those persons seeking exemption from the mandatory vaccination policy due to religious or medical reasons will be required to submit an exemption request form with supporting documents, and take a COVID-19 test at the start of each day of the session (at their own expense) showing proof of a negative result.
  • All participants, including faculty, staff, and attendees, who agree to comply with the foregoing guidelines may be excused from wearing masks on GWP premises (subject to any otherwise applicable law or legal mandate). However, if it is recommended to wear a mask at the time of the session, we respectfully ask all participants to do so.
  • Any participant, including faculty, staff, and attendees, who does not agree to comply with the foregoing guidelines will not be permitted to attend the session or any GWP activities, (subject to any otherwise applicable law or legal mandate).
  • If you are exposed to COVID-19 or experience COVID-19 related symptoms during the session, you will be requested to quarantine and will not be permitted on GWP premises until you receive a negative test result. We are looking into finding nearby medical facilities to ensure testing/care for participants (at their expense) in the event of any COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposures.
  • We will comply with all applicable laws and legal mandates in those locales where proof of full vaccination is not required. In those cases, we respectfully request that all participants voluntarily provide proof of full vaccination. Those participants who choose not to do so will be required to wear masks at all times during all GWP activities both indoors and outdoors.


Our concern is out of respect and safety for you and all participants.


Best Regards, 
Guitar Workshop Plus


Guitar Workshop Plus is much more than just a guitar camp or summer music camp. We offer week long workshops in a musical environment at superb facilities. Our faculty members are professional musicians and instructors with extensive experience teaching in summer music programs, workshops, private settings, and post secondary institutions. Along with receiving visits from world famous guest artists, our top ranked summer music program allows students to participate in daily classes, clinics, ensemble and student performances, and evening concerts.

World famous guest artists such as Joe Satriani, Alex Lifeson (Rush), John Scofield, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Robben Ford, Billy Sheehan, and many more teach and perform for our participants. Our top ranked summer music program allows students to participate in daily classes, clinics, ensemble and student performances, and evening concerts. Participants also take away a video of their live performances!!